OSHA Assistance

What Will You Do If OSHA Shows Up?

There's no need to fear OSHA, but there's a real need to understand it.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is not out to get you. It's all about identifying dangerous situations and creating and maintaining safe workplaces. And in that respect, the agency has become significantly more aggressive in protecting workers.

Do you maintain a safe environment at your shop and in the field? Are you prepared for a surprise inspection?

Diamond Tool's safety team can help you improve employee safety and avoid shut-downs, citations, and fines.

WHAT IF OSHA SHOWS UP? Do you have a plan in place right now? Do your supervisors know who to call first? You? A lawyer? Diamond Tool?

Are you currently investing in safety training to promote employee safety?

Big fines, job shut-downs, lawyers and administrative hearings can cripple a contractor's business without warning. Diamond Tool's safety team can cost-effectively train your key personnel to maintain a safe workplace as well as how to respond effectively to OSHA surprise visits and inspections.

OSHA agents have the right to show up — unannounced — at your job site or shop any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Are you prepared with a plan that your supervisors can follow immediately without making the situation worse?

WHY DOES OSHA DROP BY YOUR JOB SITE OR SHOP? The four most common reasons include:

  • Drive-bys - These random visits are increasingly common, especially here in the Delaware Valley.

  • Complaints - Disgruntled employees, present or past, as well as neighbors — and even competitors — can make anonymous complaints. And rest assured, OSHA will investigate.

  • Industry sweeps - These are targeted inspections for specific industries OSHA wants to crack down on.

  • Recent death or severe injury — These follow-up inspections come on the heels of serious incidents

GET STARTED ON YOUR PLAN TODAY. Diamond Tool's safety team can help you create an easy, straight-forward plan for all of your in-house and field personnel to follow in the event of a surprise OSHA inspection. The current government administration has put the teeth back in the agency’s bite, and contractors need to be prepared with a proactive strategy and a good defense.


  • Make sure OSHA meets its burden of proof

  • Negotiate fines

  • Eliminate citations completely when possible

  • Take you off OSHA’s "radar” for the future

  • Avoid expensive and protracted legal wars

  • Reduce the chance OSHA will view your company as one that won't improve safety but plans only to fight citations


  • OSHA safety and reporting requirements

  • OSHA safety training classes for supervisors

  • OSHA safety training classes for all workers

  • And much more

Most contractors leave themselves exposed to a surprise OSHA appearance, and chances are good you need help developing an emergency plan. Please give us a call at (1-888-879-3426) and ask for our Safety department. We'll get to work right away to help you create and maintain a safe work environment while helping to protect your business.

And if OSHA does come calling before you get a chance to engage our services, do not hesitate to contact us the instant OSHA agents arrive. Diamond Tool's safety team can begin working with you immediately to mitigate whatever issues OSHA may discover.


  • Extensive legal experience

  • A national reputation as Fall Protection experts

  • Comprehensive knowledge of OSHA regulations

  • Experience in negotiating and contesting cases with OSHA’s area directors


Diamond Tool's safety team offers OSHA citation, mitigation and abatement services. And if we are retained in advance, we are ready to react the same day OSHA appears at your job site or shop. We also train your employees how to handle OSHA inspections. Lawyers don't do that.

Many attorneys are simply too inexperienced in OSHA regulations and actions to be much help in an OSHA crisis. Before hiring an attorney, be sure to check out their qualifications — you'll see most don't compare to Diamond Tool's safety team:

  • More than two decades of extensive safety experience

  • Knowledge of OSHA regulations

  • Comprehensive plan for response — including corrective actions and documenting defenses

Diamond Tool's safety team can help you achieve a top safety rating with our expert right safety training. We can also help you lower you insurance deductibles and make it easier for you to focus your energy on your company's profitability and growth.

To learn more, please call Diamond Tool at 888-879-3426 and ask how you can retain our safety services.