CPR, First Aid, AED, & Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Duration: 4 Hours

Course Description: Course includes trainee certification cards and literature.

Trainees will develop necessary knowledge and skills to comply with OSHA 1910.146.(g)(h)(i) and (k). This course will be customized to meet the requirements of the client’s Confined Space Plan. Attendees will have hands on training. They will also be required to perform mock rescues form both horizontal and vertical confined spaces.

Training includes:

  • Proper response to blood & bodily fluids
  • Use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Administration of First Aid / CPR on scaffolding and other areas
  • Recognition & response to situations such as: Electrocutions, Drug overdose, Heat-related illnesses, Collapse, Heart attack


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