Suspension Trauma Straps



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$21.36 Each
  • Sold as a pair
  • Polyester webbing: 20mm width, 400 lb. breaking strength
  • Formed pouch for holding the straps
  • Textile loops are given on the straps for adjustment at different heights
  • Metal components: Steel with zinc plating
  • Weight: .265 lb.


The suspension trauma strap is designed to alleviate the pressure on the legs during prolonged suspension after a fall. It should only be used after a fall or for training purposes. Never use the suspension trauma straps for positioning purposes.


The suspension trauma strap is designed to be used in conjunction with a rescue plan and is not designed to take the place of it. It is the responsibility of the employer to have a plan in place to rescue a fallen worker and have the equipment in place to perform the rescue.


It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand the instructions and that they are trained in the proper use.


Inspect the suspension trauma straps before each use during normal harness inspection. Check the cover for damage or wear. Make sure the unit is properly installed on the harness. Inspect all fibers for tears, abrasions, burns or discoloration. Remove the units from service if any of these conditions exist.


1. Slip the loops through the leg strap loop on the harness where the shoulder staps cross through it.
2. Pass the case through the loop.
3. Cinch the loop and use the snaps to secure the strap casing to the harness.


1. Unzip both cases and deploy the straps.
2. Raise the ends of the straps and pass one of the hooks through one of the loops on the other strap. Both hooks can be hooked if desired but is not required.
3. Step into the strap and press down to alleviate pressure on the legs.

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