RACO 4" Square Exposed Work Crushed Corner Cover - 4"Dia. x 1/2"D, 1 Duplex Receptacle




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$2.30 Each
  • Includes required hardware for mounting the receptacle(s)
  • Meets the requirements of the 2008 NEC Article 250.146 (A)
  • No bonding jumper is required for covers with: (1) crushed corners, (2) two or more device attachment screws and (3) a lock washer or equivalent
  • Used to support switches or receptacles in areas where the box is surface mounted or positioned in exposed work application
  • UL Listed

4" Square Crushed Corner Covers

  • Size: 6.5 cu. in.
  • Dimensions: 4"Dia. x 1⁄2"D
  • Description: 1 Duplex Receptacle

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