Pandemic Response

Pandemic Reponse

ITW Dymon 42230 SCRUBS
30 Towel Container. The unbeatable cleaning power of SCRUBS® Hand Cleaner Towels remains an industry leader.The patented, citrus-based formula is combined with a tough, textured blue towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease leaving your hands truly clean.  The effectiveness of pumic...

ITW Dymon




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ITW Dymon 90985 SCRUBS® Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Wipes
85 Wipe ContainerSCRUBS® Hand Sanitizer Wipes combine a highly effective skin sanitizing formula and an abrasive, nonscratching towel for a one-step sanitizing system. This product dissolves contaminated biofilm and kills, absorbs and removes disease causing germs and bacteria from skin. SCRUBS&...

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