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Kenwood Radio Special

SPECIAL! Buy 6 Analog or 5 Digital Radios and Get 1 FREE Plus a Cash Rebate.

Kenwood ProTalk Radio Special

Simply purchase Kenwood’s ProTalk® Series Radios during our End User Rebate Program EXPIRES June 30.

Please complete the online registration form with the required information to receive your rebate. Must be done on or before July 14, 2017.

On-line rebate registration:

Kenwood TK-3400U16P Compact Portable Two-Way Radio, 2 Watt 16 Channel UHF FM with Lithium-Ion Battery
42-2765 TK-3400U16P

16 Channel, 2 Watt UHFTwo Way Radio 90 Built-in UHF frequencies (451-470 MHz)Kenwood's 400 series ProTalk® is specially designed for demanding use with clear communications weighs in at only 9.9 ounces. The radio of choice for great for use outdoors, especially on large job sites..

$229.00 EA
In Stock
Kenwood TK-3400U4P ProTalk® Two-Way Radio - Compact, Portable, UHF 2 Watts, 4 Channels
42-3150 TK-3400U4P

Two Year WarrantyWatts/Type: 2 UHF Channels: 4 Battery Life (HR): more than 17 hrs. Charger Time (HR): 3 hours Vox Ready: Yes Militar...

$205.00 EA
Kenwood TK-3402U16P ProTalk® Two Way Radio - Compact UHF FM Portable Radio
42-1249 TK-3402U16P

Two Year WarrantyWatts/Type: 5 UHF Channels: 16Battery Life (HR): up to 18 hours Charger Time (HR): 3 hours Vox Ready: Yes (with optional accessories) Military Spec: Yes Range: 300,000 Sq. Ft., 30 Floor, 7 Mile Range 

$255.00 EA
In Stock
Kenwood TK-3230 BKP Two-Way Radio - 1-1/2 Watt UHF 6 Channel with Lithium-Ion Battery
41-9444 TK-3230 BKP

Models are compact and feature external channel select, channel scan, Interference eliminator, built-in VOX, wireless cloning, and super lock.  Talk range is based on topography, building structure, power output, and type of radio. ProTalk radios are compatible with other business 2-way radios ...

$159.00 EA
In Stock
NX-340U16P ProTalk Digital UHF Radio - 16 Channel
44-5465 NX-340U16P

It is the industry's first digital/analog convertible radio, operating in both standard analog zones and NXDN digital. Digital radio offers up to 20% range increase, increased communication security and superior audio clarity. 

$399.99 EA
In Stock