Bayco NSR-2472 Floodlight / Flashlight

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The NIGHTSTICK NSR-2400 Series of all LED Dual-Mode flashlights are designed specifically for automotive, maintenance and repair professionals.

The NSR-2400 series is available in three sizes with increasing luminosity. Use the flashlight to spot the problem then use the wide beam floodlight to drench the work area in light. The bright orange housing ensures the 2400 won’t get lost under the hood or in the engine compartment and the internal NiMH battery runs a long time and charges fast. There’s a 1 year limited warranty and the AC/ DC charging adapters are included.



  • Dual-Mode - Flashlight & Floodlight
  • Bright white LEDs - 35,000 hour life
  • Small size - Light weight
  • Impact and chemical resistant
  • Removable hanger-hook and magnet for maximum utility
  • Internal rechargeable high quality NiMH battery
  • Long run-time per charge
  • Home and car chargers included
  • Warranty: This product is warranted to the original purchaser for 1 year and only cover failures due to defects in materials or workmanship.

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