#2 SPF Lumber Spruce-Pine-Fir - 2" x 6" x 16'




This spruce pine fir #2 has a bright, clean appearance, ranging in color from white to pale yellow, with a smooth texture and a straight grain. This lumber has a high strength-to-weight ratio and its slower growth species promotes tighter wood grain for better strength, value and dimensional stability. It takes and holds nails exceptionally well and is easily machined with hand and power tools.

  • Combination of spruces, pines and firs
  • Yields high grade timber; small, sound tight knots
  • Relatively light in weight, take paint well, hold nails well
  • Full machining capabilities-rip, trim, re-saw, CNC, and moulding
  • Description: 2" x 6" x 16'

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